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PlugsAndShare.com is your personal navigation system. It can help you to make better choice base on the experiences of your inner circle. Whether it's a list of your favorite local eateries, a warning story about a dentist visit, or a positive review of a mechanic: you can have the accessibility and thoroughness of web wide research filtered through the experiences of your loved ones who you trust and share common ground with.
Share valuable information Why reinvent the wheel while you can rely on your friends, family, and others people to share things that they known, learned, and experienced.Plugsandshare is all about making thing better, faster, and easier by bringing all the contents that matter most to you.
Connect with your inner circle and other fascinate people Plugsandshare is a private social network that helps you and the people that you know to stay on top of things. It allows you to connect with the right people and share information across multiple groups, so that your information and projects can travel further and faster.
Maximize your data protection when you collaborate You can create private room collection and add extra security by setting expire date when you collaborate with others people. It's easy, confidential, and convenience.
Work on your projects You can create private collections to work on your home, school, and work projects and invite others people or groups to collaborate, get help, advise, and feedback.

Our users


  • John and his team use Plugsandshare to work on their startup projects. They create private collections and collaborate each phase of their project like bounce of ideas, identify development platform, design website, develop plans, beta test, work on marketing, and sale plans. They also benefit by sharing their collections and collaborate with other startups within the community, and it cuts their workload to nearly in half.

    Johnny and his startup projects and team
  • While Patrick participates in youth sports, his dad create collections of websites, YouTube sport drills, photos and videos that he find, so he can helps Patrick to practice and to improve his games. His dad also invites other parents and coaches to collaborate and share those collections. It save the coach and other parents time from having to do the same research.

    Patrick's games
  • Fernando's mom makes delicious Mexican food, but she doesn't have that many years left due to her health condition. Fernando decided to create collections of his mom's secret recipes, so he can cook and share with his distance friends and family when they in town. He also felt that his mom's recipes should be kept for the future generations, so they too one day can enjoy her delicious food.

    Fernando Mom's Secret Recipe
  • Nga took her chemistry class last year. She used PlugsAndShare's collection to store all her class assignments and lab work in the internet cloud so she can refer to it later when she enter the workforce. She also shares some of her class material to help her friends who are currently taking the chemistry class this year.

    Nga's College Chemistry Class
  • Susie has a few favorite restaurants she enjoys in New York City and the special dishes that she likes while dining there. She makes a collection of her favorite restaurants and dishes and shares with her friends and family in town and across the country. When her sister visited New York City, she could go to the same restaurants and order the same favorite dishes that Susie enjoyed.

    Susie's Favorite Restaurant
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