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Your inner circle online collaboration tools: friends and family come together under one roof to share, help, advise and support each other as they journey through life.

Plugs and Share is a private-group social schedule facilitator designed to give you the tools that you need to collaborate with your friends and loved ones online. Keep in touch securely and privately in a shared, central location. Our “Inner Circle” layout means that you can keep in the loop without ever worrying about who can see your information. As a multimedia social forum: Plugs and Share provides a common area for interactive, multi-media based communication within a set share group. Your inner circle is a safe, precise, controlled way to maintain a vibrant, clutter-free social schedule with your loved ones.

Upload your files, photos, music and create YouTube videos and website links with our online editor. Collect, organize, and add them to your favorite collection with our simple, easy to navigate layout. Invite friends, family, groups, an even multiple groups to view, share, and collaborate. Choose to enable them to comment, and make suggestions to your files and/or collections.

At Plugs and Share, you and your inner circle can connect, share, collaborate, help and advice each other privately through a safe, fun shared forum; making your journey through life a collaboration with a few simple clicks. Whether it's a list of your favourite local eateries, a warning story about a dentist visit, or a positive review of a mechanic: you can have the accessibility and thoroughness of web-wide research filtered through the experiences of your loved ones who you trust and share common ground with.

Gain from your collective knowledge even as you share stories – the humorous and the horrifying – in order to share a cloud-facilitated “Road Map” of your family's life: one that means the group can avoid pitfalls even while ensuring shared access to positive experiences. At Plugs and Share we believe that when you share, everyone benefits.

Avoid problems with sending insecure emails and running into attachment size limitations. Don't worry about having to keep numerous tabs and apps open simply to have your calendar, e-mail, and search sites open. Instead: organize your experience. Peruse your shared calendar even while reading a family member's review of the doctor you're going to see, while writing to remind your brother to come pick you up after the appointment – and attaching a funny clip from “Scrubs”. When there's no limit to your communication experience, your access to the group allows for the practical and the creative to meet in how you share.

Share content with an individual or groups and set expiration dates with just a quick click, so your important documents don't get into the wrong hands.

Request access to see your friends and family's private collections.

Comments and Discussions

Don't Forget: Sharing is caring! You, your friends, and your family can rely on each other for help and advice about almost anything. Post a quick question/comment or initiate an important discussion. Keep your friends and family up to date by exchanging feedback and information under one roof.

  • Post and reply to comments on any file and/or collection.
  • Receive activity notifications when someone in your group uploads new content or comments on your file/collection, including email notifications.
  • Create discussions about a your home project and invite multiple groups: ask questions, exchange ideas, post a tip/suggestion and much more.

Search, Sort and View

Searching for object like files, attachments, uploads, photos, and YouTube links is simple. Likewise; on the personal side, searching for collections, groups and friends is fast and easy as well. Sort your files and collections by name or date for quick finding. View photos, videos, and files of friends and family. Check out your favorite YouTube video collection in our beautifully designed gallery, list, and timeline views.

  • Post and reply to comments on any file and/or collection.
  • Receive activity notifications when someone in your group uploads new content or comments on your file/collection including email notifications.
  • Create discussions about a home project: ask questions exchange ideas, post a tip/ suggestion and much more.

Share, Permission, Security

Why reinvent the wheel when you can rely on your friends and family to share things that they've experienced and learned? PlugsAndShare is all about making thing better, faster, and easier by gathering and beautifully organizing the content that you care about: your inner circle. With a real-time activity feed, we update you with the latest information. More importantly, you control who can see what and what can be seen by other people or groups.

  • Collaborate and share data with your inner circle and groups in private.
  • Manage notifications, share feature, request and grant access to/from other members of your collections.
  • Receive real-time alerts and activity feed of your file uploads, file adds to collection, member joins your group and comments on your files and collection.
  • Receive automatic email alerts so you know when your family or friend adds and comments on your collection or shares your files.
  • Grant or deny other users' requests to access to your private collection.
  • Keep collections of all your family's and friends' memorable moments forever; share to an individual, a group, or multiple groups and access them anywhere in the world.
  • Avoid losing your data if your computer crashes or is damaged or stolen. Your data is safe and secure with us.
  • Thumb_collaborate

    Collaborate with your CPA, loan office, doctor's office, lawyer and more. Share files and collection with any important documents and set date expiration dates when the work is done to avoid mishandling of your files. Keep data safe, secure and available in case you get audited.

  • Thumb_coordinate

    Coordinate, share files and/or collection and receive accurate and timely feedback from your coaches, teachers, sports teams, religious groups, etc.

  • Thumb_project

    Work on an important home and school projects with friends and classmates. Ask for suggestions, advice and responses to questions. Plan vacations, events, parties, weddings and general travel arrangements. Get recommendations and suggestions from family, friends, group, or multiple groups who have taken similar trips – allowing you to avoid any possible drawbacks !

  • Thumb_vacation

    Create a collection of your family's secret recipes, your favorite arts, music, family photos, personal health records and more. Share with your family and close friends whenever and wherever you are on the globe or keep them to yourself.

  • Thumb_collection

    All the things that you love and want are within the reach of your fingertips once you begin building with PlugsAndShare. From home, the office, a walk in the park, a hospital visit, and more: you'll never be without your favorite collections, photos, music, video clips, memories, or schedule. A simple, safe, precise experience: our social schedule facilitator keeps the control in your hands...and the access unlimited.


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You can create multiple private or public groups so that you can easily share your collections and plugs with multiple groups of friends, family, colleagues, coworkers, etc.

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  • Johnny's mom makes a delicious Vietnamese Pho (beef noodle soup) and many other delicious dishes. She was a chef for Hyatt Hotel, but she doesn't have that many years left in this life, as she has many health conditions. Johnny felt that he will miss eating her foods after she passes away. He starts making a collection of all his mom's secret recipes, so he can one day cook that delicious food for himself or share with his friends and relatives. He also felt that his mom's cooking recipes should be kept and shared for the next generations, so his great-grandchildren can one day get to taste his mom's delicious dishes.

    Johnny Mom's Secret Recipe
  • Nga took her chemistry class last year. She used PlugsAndShare's collection to store all her class assignments and lab work in the internet cloud so she can refer to it later when she enter the workforce. She also shares some of her class material to help her friends who are currently taking the chemistry class this year.

    Nga's College Chemistry Class
  • Susie has a few favorite restaurants she enjoys in New York City and the special dishes that she likes while dining there. She makes a collection of her favorite restaurants and dishes and shares with her friends and family in town and across the country. When her sister visited New York City, she could go to the same restaurants and order the same favorite dishes that Susie enjoyed.

    Susie's Favorite Restaurant
  • Ken has two lovely young boys and his family lives in Europe. He wants to share with them his kids' daily activities. He creates collections and uploads his son's basketball game, school awards, photo albums and videos and shares them with his parents from home. It brought his parents so much joy to see how the kids grew up over the years.

    Ken's Kids Album
  • When Nancy and her husband bought their new house in Florida, they didn't know where to find a good insurance company. Nancy started to search Google and was overwhelmed by the search results. She called a few of places, but couldn't find what she was looking for—most of them were expensive and would cost $3,500 to $4,000 per year. Her husband heard about PlugsAndShare's private group discussion feature and he created a discussion and invited his friends, family, and coworkers who live in town to the group and asked them where he can find a good homeowner insurance company. The next day, his cousin responded and gave him the name of a guy he worked with and it saved Nancy and her husband a thousand dollars in insurance coverage for their new home.

    Nancy's Husband Private Discussion

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